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Use of Raw materials in Home Revamping

The interior design industry offers a glut of options, including more access to various raw materials and technologically enhanced surfaces.

Due to increased environmental awareness, homeowners and designers are embracing raw materials and eco-friendly trends in interior design. These materials have a fierce look and offer a comfy feel to any interior. Here are ways of using raw material in your home’s interior design.

Complementing Raw Materials with Metals

Merging metals with raw materials such as clay, cork, and wood is quite popular. Practicality and sustainability are home décor’s highlights this season. Cork walls are visually compelling and remarkable in blocking sound. Opt for top-notch cork for your home. Mix golden details with marble for an exclusive luxury statement but avoid overdoing it. You can also integrate wood into multiple aesthetics while exuding a cozy natural vibe. An excellent way of adding wood materials to your décor is by adding wooden center tables.

Creating Intimacy and Warmth

The utility of raw materials such as stone, wood, and artisanal brick gives an attractive aesthetic that inspires designers and architects. Combining raw materials with building products can culminate in warm interiors with raw aesthetics. Raw materials also awaken certain senses in individuals. For instance, texture stones possess a texture that invites you to touch it. Raw wood leaves a gentle and lingering accent.

Merging Each Interior Design Style

Regardless of your interior design style, you won’t miss a raw material that looks awesome when incorporated. If you’re looking for a lustrous and contemporary appearance, opt for metal or concrete. For a rustic aesthetic, wood and terracotta are the most compelling options. For a minimalist zen appearance, settle for brass and bamboo.

Decorating Outdoors

Although wood is a compelling raw material option, there are many alternatives regarding materials that complement your outdoors accordingly. Among the perfect examples are the pebble tiles. Using pebble tile accents in your bathroom can create a spa-like and serene design that calms your body and mind instantly. Bring your outdoors in by creating a plant-wall feature that’s practical and unique. Install plants in your bathroom since they thrive in humid environments.

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