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Want to redesign your bedroom Here’s how

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, you’ll want to get the best views of the outdoor, let in plenty of light and aeration, and keep traffic areas open while still maintaining your privacy.

Come up with a simple furniture layout drawing and try to move things around. Think of how the bedroom furniture will work with the windows and doors. If there are kids in your bedroom, think of how you’ll design privacy into the room with partitions or bunk beds.

Bed arrangement

Symmetry and bed placement are inseparable, but it doesn’t have to be the case. There’s no rule stating that you must be symmetrical in your bed arrangement. Don’t shy away from pushing your bed to one side of the room, embrace a bit of asymmetry. The main thing is balance. If you opt to push the bed to one side of the room, then you should make sure there’s ample space to get in and out of bed comfortably. On the bedside closet to the wall, mount an invisible wall bookshelf to stack your favorite bedtime book collection.

Line of sight

Keep an eye on what you see first when you open the door to your bedroom. You should also consider what you see when seated on the bed or the armchair. These considerations aren’t just for decoration, but also lifestyle-related. Would you like your line of sight from your bed to be out a scenic window overlooking a lake, a valley, or an untidy neighborhood that should be avoided?

Scale of furniture

Every piece of furniture should be scaled to the size of the room. However, exceptions are always allowed for any design rule. Either way, be careful not to sacrifice function, and scale can play a significant role in this. A huge armchair blocking the open swing of your closet is the last thing you’d want in your bedroom. The scale will determine whether a small bedroom feels cozy or simply cramped, or a large bedroom feels cold and empty or spacious.

Storage space

Every room has that extra stuff no one wants to see. Extra bedding, bedtime books, your favorite pair of pajamas, and your hair styling products might clutter your bedroom if not well kept. This is why you need a modern chest of drawers( to stash those items you don’t use frequently.

It’s possible to keep your small bedroom tidy and in a fashionable way. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to redesign your bedroom. Simple ideas like just how you position your bed in the room can go a long way in ensuring you feel comfortable within your space.

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